CGC062670/A-032 | Arborist # FL-5701A

Landscape & Maintenance

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  • Maximum Services Tree And Landscape - Irrigation
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  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Pest Management

Your landscape is the first thing people see when they enter your property and the last thing they see when they leave, so it?s important make a lasting impression by making it beautiful and keeping it that way.

Maximum Services is a full-service landscape contractor in South Florida and is structured to handle all aspects of your landscaping needs from design-to-installation-to-maintaining your property to the highest industry standards. We are in the business of landscaping and maintaining some of the largest and most beautiful properties in South Florida. Let us do the same for your development!



We challenge ourselves constantly to find something beautiful, new and different in our designs. We will work with our clients from start-to-finish on their projects to ensure they are pleased, and if they?re happy we're happy. Our computerized design program allows you to see your finished product before the work is
even started. We?ve designed some of the most magnificent entry ways in South Florida. We?ve turned old communities into lush, attractive developments adding value to the property. As general-contractors, we can handle the whole job from constructing the building to designing and installing the landscaping. Maximum Services is committed to designing a landscape for one building or for an entire development. Of course, all designs can be made to fit any budget.



Our installation crews have more than 20 years' experience in the South Florida area, and are trained at installing the right plants in the right locations. All trees are planted to meet city and county codes. We only use the best material and all our material is hand- picked by us. We do not merely order over the phone - we see it in person before you see it. Our supervisors are fully capable of reading any set of drawings and are all educated in the art of landscaping. In fact, we even have an arborist on staff licensed through the International Society of Arborists. As a result, our experience and education, are truly second-to-none.



Maximum is more than capable of handling any size property from 50 homes-to-6,000 residents like some of the communities we already serve. Our crews have supervisors who speak fluent English and can discuss any problem that may arise with our clients. We can also cater our maintenance to your community and your budget. We are proud to have experienced uniformed crews that set the standard in weed control, hand pruning, hedge trimming, mowing with sharp blades, irrigation, as well as fertilization.



Maximum Services is a full-service irrigation provider. We can handle all your sprinkler repair and maintenance needs to include, wet checks, pump repairs, clock and timer repairs, as well as total irrigation systems installs and retrofits for your community. Effective and efficient water management is more important than ever. Our irrigation services protect your property, your budget, and our fragile ecosystem. Properly functioning irrigation systems play an important role in the health and appearance of your entire property.


Pest Management

Our licensed turf and ornamental pest control technicians visit your property on a routine schedule. The technicians can diagnose potential problems with your property and design a treatment program that will help eliminate your community's pest problem. We provide full-service lawn, shrub, and tree pest
management as well as granular and deep root fertilization to keep your turf and landscape pest-free and healthy throughout the year.